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Study of Master in AIOU very easy and very precious basically it is a basic degree of education. Students develop  their further education through aiou after MA easily because AIOU divide MA subjects in four semester it consist on 8 full credit hours or 16 half credit hours if students work hard then he can achieve first division in MA easily   because AIOU divide it's examination procedure in two things one is assignment other is examination in this sense we are providing free assignments and for exam we are providing solved and un solved papers and also provide them instruction how can they solve MA aiou assignments and attempt their aiou MA exam we are also providing online lectures in video. this is your responsibility you can enjoy easily this free favor and one request to you please tell other students so that everyone can enjoy this free service  on our website aiousolvedassignments.com 

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Code Book Name Price
5672 Ancient Cultures And Civilization In India 300
5679 Historicgraphy 300
5681 Pakistan And The World Affaris 300
5682 History Of Punjab 300
5683 History Of Pakistan -I(1947-71) 300
5684 History Of Sindh 300
5685 British Admin. & Const. Dev.In India (1858-1947) 300
5686 History Of Saudia Arabia 300
5687 History Of NWFP 300
5688 Afghanistan A Synoptic History (1747 -2006) 300
5689 History Of Modern Indian (1947 -2006) 300
5690 History Of Pakistan - Ii (1971 -2008) 300
5691 History Of Baluchistan 300
5692 Muslim Political Thought In Indian 300